Flash Games from College

Apple Tree

These two games were created in 2005 as part of my Computer Science Senior Project at Caliofrnia Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. They were part of a bigger internet web game that me and my project partner, Jasmin, called Ersatz University. It was suppose to be a web game like neopets.com but instead of taking care of virtual pets, you played a virtual college student.

These two games were made in Flash and can only be played on a computer. Adobe will officially end their support of Flash at the end of 2020 so enjoy them while you can! Maybe sometime, if I ever find the time, I'll try to recreate these games in HTML5.

NOTE: Unfortunately, I made these games to automatically play music when loaded. You can turn off the sound if you want but the first time the game is loaded, the music will play. Also, these games don't actually have an ending. You can essentially keep playing as long as you don't lose.

Apple Tree (action)

Catch falling apples.

Apple Tree

Burger Builder (puzzle)

Guess the ingredients to a burger.

Burger Time

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Try ESCAPE 38! It's a virtual escape room I created for my sister Aprilynn for her birthday. Even though it was created just for her, anyone can play it.